Better home established nearly four projects in the new capital which are all named ( Midtown sky new capital ) midtown , midtown condo , midtown solo and finally Sky midtown which we are going to speak about it in our next words ..

midtown sky new capital Location :-

midtown sky located in a unique location in new capital chosen by better home for building a huge building to go with its heritage . as the location is one of the main factors to attract clients better home chose sky midtown to be near R7 and opposite to Expo city . this location is definitely a unique and best location in new capital , it has countless advantages to have your apartments there .

midtown sky apartments

The project has a variety of residential units that required by all classes of people and satisfy their needs and tastes.

  •         midtown sky Residential apartments with different areas
  •         midtown sky Town middle
  •         midtown sky Town corner
  •         midtown sky Villas with different areas and different divisions in addition to many interfaces which leads to different prices.
  •         midtown sky Twin house
  •        midtown sky Commercial shops

midtown sky Prices :-

  •   midtown sky Residential apartments starting from 90 m²to 180 m² , each area has its own price

o   90 m² with one bedroom for 9,900,00 L.E.

o   135 m² with two bedrooms for 1,490,000 L.E.

o   180 m² with 3 bedrooms for 1,990,000 L.E.

  •         Town middle :- area of building is 350 m² and ground area of  200 m² for 3,990,000
  •         Town corner :- area of building is 350 m² and ground area of 200 m² for 4,990,000
  •         Twin house :- area of building is 350 m² and ground area of 300 m² for 5,490,000
  •         Different commercial shops with different prices in terms of area and location

o   Shops in ground floor with area 110 m² and 80 m² outside is for 8,950,000

midtown sky offers a range of entertainment services such as different parks , cinemas , biking trails , running / walking areas , sport clubs .

midtown sky Shopping mall :-

The mall includes areas dedicated for children and adults for leisure and entertainment .

midtown sky offers a huge shopping mall which have all different brands , international brands , clothes , shoes and electrical appliances .

midtown sky Restaurants and cafes:-

midtown sky provides many of famous restaurants within the compound to let residents feel happy and spend quality time with the family and children.

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midtown sky